Monday, August 30, 2010

“The Lord Definitely Had His Hand Over Me…”

SPA, BELGIUM – Some were blessed and other cursed at the 2010 Belgian Grand. As those that have spent any time in Belgium knows, it rains a lot. This past weekend was not an exception, and it caused a series of mishaps and calamities ending with Lewis Hamilton as the “golden child.” Late in the race, Hamilton chose not to pit when his crew radioed that rain was on its way. Hamilton recounts his excursion unto the gravel in turn 8, “I braked quite late and locked my wheel and went wide…, the Lord definitely had his hand over me there as I was able to get away with it.”

Lewis continued, “yeah, it is a difficult call. The team are telling you there is rain coming, and in the previous times it was just a light shower and it dries up very quickly. You didn’t know what to expect. Although there were very dark clouds above, but it began to rain and quite heavily, and you are praying that you wish you could come in, but it is too late once you get past the pit lane. Fortunately I got round and changed the tires and had a fantastic pit stop. The best one I have had this year, and I guess that’s what helped get us out there.” Lewis went on to win the race, beating pole-sitter and points leader Mark Webber. Lewis has now claimed the points lead title ahead of Webber by three points.

Others’ fortunes were not as rich. Webber’s Renault sputtered at the start of the race dropping him back as far as seventh place. Mark commented, “These days it's very, very easy to come away with nothing with a small mistake from anybody." Fernando Alonso survived after tangling with Rubens Barrichello on the opening lap only to crash on lap 38 of the 44 lap race, placing him 41 points away from the championship. Running in 2nd place. Sebastien Vettel lost control on lap 17 making hard contact with Jensen Buttons. The McLaren suffered heavy damage and retired in 22nd place. Vettel’s Red Bull continued with minimal damage, but he was penalized with a drive-through penalty.

The top 5 in the driver’s championship now stands with Hamilton 182 points, Webber 179, Vettel 151, Button 147 and Alonso 141.

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