Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Magic Of Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – Following his win in Pro Stock, Greg Anderson commented on his win at the Indy Nationals, “I feel like it’s my first and biggest win ever,” said Anderson. “Every time it happens up here, it’s just special; it’s just magic. I love this place. I think some of the other racers might miss out on how important it is and what it means to race here. There’s so much history here. It’s just everything about drag racing.” Having attended the race several times, I can say that Greg hit it on the nose. The sense in the pits is one of celebration. Yes, the competition is fierce, but the camaraderie amongst the racers is extraordinary. In the Super Stock pits, I once witnessed several racers come together to replace the engine in Charlie Westcott’s AA/H Hemi before the final round. One racer offered his engine, another his transporter garage and a dozen their service. Westcott rolled up to the line with seconds to spare and won the Hemi Shootout. This is the magic of Indy.

In the final race in the regular season, Top Fuel competitor Antron Brown has become the first driver to win at Indy in both Top Fuel and Pro-Stock Motorcycle. Antron was able to beat points leader Del Worsham with a 3.813 s, 321.73 mph run. “To come here and win at Indy, the biggest stage in drag racing, means so much. It just goes back to my childhood dream and sitting under those grandstands as a kid and saying ‘I want to do that one day.’ It’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever had.” It wasn’t all bad news for Worsham who clinched the top spot in the Countdown to the Championship.

Mike Neff was able to win the Funny Car competition as well as secure his number one spot in the Countdown. Neff, matched with Bob Tasca III in the final round, made a 4.068s, 314.61 mph blast clinching his first win at the Nationals. “This is the big one, the one you dream about,” said Neff. “It’s huge to win here. I’ve never won here as a driver or a crew chief so to be able to do it here as both was great. It probably hasn’t even sunk in yet.”

To win Pro Stock, Greg Anderson beat teammate Jason Line running a 6.552 s, 210.50 mph run. This is Greg’s 5th win this season and 70th career win. The KB Racing boys have really had a great year with Andreson clearly on top of the Countdown with Jason only 30 points behind. Mike Edwards is 10 behind Jason with Vince Noble and Erica Enders rounding the top 5. Interesting to note that 7 of the top 10 cars are Pontiacs.

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